Golden Stevia Keto Bakery sugar free gluten free low carb high fat Annika Urm sugar free low carb gluten free

Annika Urm opens online Golden Stevia Keto Bakery, Sugar free, Gluten free, low carb

Last year from March 2020 to May 2021, has been a seriously challenging time for everyone. In Spain, Costa del Sol in Marbella hotels, bars, night clubs have been practically closed for 1 year! In Europa generally have been lockdown on and off for one and half years.

Annika Urm MANGO mousse cake sugar free golden stevia keto bakery low carb sugar free gluten free Annika Urm MANGO mousse cake sugar free golden stevia keto bakery low carb sugar free gluten free.
Golden Stevia Keto Bakery sugar free gluten free low carb high fat Annika Urm sugar free low carb gluten free



What did you do with 1-year Lockdown?

Annika Urm has been mainly in Estonia. At the beginning of 2020, March, April, there was freedom, but the 2021 winter-spring was total lockdown. She could not do anything in Spain, Marbella, because i-marbella is mainly oriented for tourist and tourist attractions, social life, entertainment, food, restaurants, resorts and hotels.

What does it mean? No Job, No businesses, many businesses going to bankruptcy, people have to find a new way for surviving, retraining, learning new skillsets etc.

The best thing you could do yourself learns and make your progress at every level body, mind, spirit.

Annik Urm sugar-free Mango Mousse Cake with Golden Stevia sweetener 
MANGO mousse cake sugar free golden stevia baking bakery low carb sugar free gluten free Mango Passion Fruit Mousse suhkruvaba tort Golden Stevia magusainega

Annika Urm opened online Golden Stevia Keto Bakery in Estonia first. You can order from Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden as well. Golden Stevia Keto Bakery Shop

Annika Urm is a Creator. She creates all Sugar-free, Gluten-free, low carb, lactose-free, Ketogenic and diabetic-friendly recipes and products for takeaway.

Also, she invented Keto bread Mix and Keto Muffins, Keto Pizza, Keto Cookies mix to make yourself at home easily.

Annika Urm open Golden stevia online keto bakery sugar free gluten free low carb Cakes, pies, bread
MANGO mousse cake sugar free golden stevia baking bakery low carb sugar free gluten free

She has created full sugar-free recipes you find and /easy to use translation on-page to English!

Annika Urm is the Creator. She creates all the sugar-free, gluten-free, low-carbohydrate, lactose-free recipes suitable for ketogenic Keto vs Low Carb diet and diabetics daily food.

I myself made an interview with multi-talented businesswoman Annika Urm. I am asking questions and also answering them:

1.What have you done last 1 year, Annika?

I was opening Golden Stevia online Keto Bakery, sugar-free, gluten-free, low carb and Keto. And making Keto recipes

However, I was already selling Golden Stevia sweetener and had an online shop and in Amazon Europa 7 countries.

Of course, I continue with my other work on and accounting and business plans analytic, branding, online marketing etc. But everything has been minimal.

2.Why did you do open Golden Stevia Keto Bakery?

Because I saw opportunities, competition is low, and people very much need it! This absolutely necessary for the diabetic and keto diet Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) community.

Golden Stevia Keto Bakery Online in Estonia led by Annika Urm

2. How you are making low carb, sugar-free, gluten-free, keto, diabetic-friendly recipes? What is a process?

 First, I study what ingredients I can use, I find and discover and learn new ingredients all the time. 

With practice and learning comes experiences, learn and create recipes and low carb, sugar-free food in many different ways is a new discovering journey.

This journey and knowledge have made me an expert on Diabetic and Keto friendly eating. 100%

I recommend at the moment low carb eating and interment fasting and training and moving.

I ask myself every time why this food is good for my body or how this food affect diabetic blood sugar or if the keto diet gets enough good healthy fat, i.e. LCHF (low carb, high fat)

To who, why, when eating and how much nutrition includes product or recipes.

  • Food is our Fuel
  • Food is our health and energy
  • Food is medicine to the body

3.Where did you find this idea? Why Keto sugar-free bakery?

There are tons of vegan, gluten-free, organic etc. coffee shops, bakeries etc. But they really do have one critical issue. They are loaded with sugar, carbs, carbohydrates. 

The biggest problem is sugar, this take out from your body every vitamin, mineral and give you addiction and break your teeth and store as fat!

There is no point to make a gluten-free bakery when this is loaded with sugar!

Low carb, Keto is actually fitness and healthy kitchen, this means SUGAR-FREE. 

People with diabetes can’t eat sugar. This is literature killing them and costing leg amputation, blindness, kidney dialyses.

4.What is the most common mistake in a keto or sugar-free world?


No matter if this is agave, coconut sugar, honey, dates or palm sugar!


There no point in having a gluten-free meal if you still use sugar! First, get rid of the sugar.

5.What do you use as a sugar substitute?

I am using Golden Stevia sweetener as a sugar substitute. We have them in 2 variations Golden Stevia with Inulin 1:10 and Golden Stevia with maltodextrin 1:12

6.Why Golden Stevia sweetener is special?

Golden Stevia sweetener is deliciously sweet and healthy, perfect for cooking and baking. You are using only 1 gram per portion! It is a flavouring substance, not a filler!

7.Why do you fight against sugar, and why this is so important to you?

My daughter Arabel has diabetes type 1 already 10 years (age 5), and at first 5 years, I didn’t get it, and I didn’t accept it, and everyone said everything is normal and okay! But this is not true! Diabetes is a serious disease with severe consequences!

Diabetes can have serious Foot ulcers or, blindness or kidney failure!

I hope when I am speaking publicly and openly about diabetes and its consequences, I save lives and give motivation and knowledge to others that there is another way and low carb and healthy life!

9.What kind of sugar-free, gluten-free, low carb, keto products do you sell? 

I also sell all kinds of keto floursseeds and fibres

Baking powder and Gollageen gelatin

And the Main product is Golden Stevia sweetener 1:12 and with Inulin 1:10

10.Did you do all the recipes by yourself?

Yes, all recipes are done by me! 

This has been a few years journey. I started with low carb, then continued gluten-free and found Keto! Because of this low carb and full of omega 3 ad 6 and all the vitamins, minerals. This means all food, desserts, cakes, recipes are meant to fuel your body. Full of nutrients that your body needs!

11.What are the Golden Stevia Keto Bakery bestsellers?



*Mango Mousse cake

*Keto bread

MANGO mousse cake sugar free golden stevia baking bakery low carb sugar free gluten free
MANGO mousse cake sugar free golden stevia baking bakery low carb sugar free gluten free

Golden Stevia Keto Bakery Online in Estonia led by Annika Urm

 *Golden Stevia sweetener

 *Golden Flaxseed powder

 *Almond powder only 4% carbs per 100g

 *Psyllium Husk Powder

12.What kind of products do you sell Golden Stevia online shop and Amazon

Golden Stevia online shop is selling everything sugar-free, gluten-free and low carb bakery and all ingredients what do you need for low carb, sugar free, gluten-free and Keto desserts n- ALL IN ONE PLACE, EASY to find sugar free and low carbs products.

We have 3 main sweetner , keto flour, keto fibre and Bakery products :

  1. Golden Stevia sweetner Main product is Golden Stevia sweetener 1:12 and with Inulin 1:10
  2. Golden Stevia low carb keto floursseeds and fibres

golden stevia keto pagari madalate süsivesikutega jahud kiudained seemned
Golden Stevia epood gluteenivabad seemned jahud kiudaiend suhkruasendaja kollageen

Golden Stevia online shop is selling all kinds of Keto, low carb, sugar-free, gluten-free baking ingredients!

13.What is your goal with Keto Bakery, a sugar-free, low carb, gluten-free lifestyle?

First, work out keto bakery wide range of recipes.

Publish some low carb, keto and diabetic friendly sugar-free and gluten-free cooking and baking books.

Then International franchise Golden Stevia Keto Bakery all over the world. For this, I am looking the right partner.

Also, various bread, cookies, pancakes etc. Keto mixes – easy to make. Just add water and eggs or oil and baking yourself at home.

14.Will you open Golden Stevia Keto Bakery in Marbella?

Maybe, yes, one day, if I have a full range of recipes and Covid-19 is over, and I can spend more time here.

15.What are the plans for and

To make the new mobile-friendly layout for and!

To keep Marbella last decades history alive! Help Marbella city to come back to life!

Continue fully and bring the readers the best social, event, party, restaurants, food news and latest trends and travelling blogs nationally and internationally! 

16.What is your lesson in 2020/2021 Covid-19?

*Do everything important now, don’t postpone anything! 

*The best survival is who can adapt quickly to the new situation.

*I have but all the energy and time to create myself, learn new skills, do the best what I can do now!

I have had time to look deeper into myself, read many books, and practice all kinds of therapies. Understood, every person is a creator.

People have the right to make mistakes! Because a person is a CREATOR. And no one has the right to put the label of sin on human mistake! RIGHT FOR MISTAKE – THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT CONDITION OF CREATION, AND MISTAKE IS ONE OF THE ELEMENTS OF CREATION! THE HUMAN RACE WAS ORIGINALLY FREE! Freedom allows a person to do ANYTHING he/she wants. People’s actions can also be wrong. But FREEDOM makes a man a HUMAN, not a Bio robot, who is programmed to act flawlessly. FREEDOM gives the right to make mistakes! : Anatoly Nekrasov

ATTENTION: Golden Stevia Sweetener Package weight is 500g and 90g. Golden Stevia is 12-time Sweeter than sugar granulated or coconut sugar 

500 g =6 kg golden caster sugar

90 g= 1 kg White sugar

How to Use the Golden Stevia powder?

 Serving size 1g

1 g Golden Stevia (3.8 kcal, 0.5 gr Carb) = 12 g sugar (46.8kcal)

 Golden Stevia sugar substitute excellent stevia baking blend, feels like an icing sugar replacement. Reduce sugar in recipes 12 times. For example instead of adding 120 g confectioners sugar or erythritol granulated add 10 g Golden Stevia sweetener powder 

Use only a pinch less than half spoon sugar to keto coffee, keto cereal, cream of tartar, or weight watchers food.

Golden Stevia Natural sweetener powder 1:12

• Deliciously Sweet

• Replace sugar 1:12

• Low Calorie

• Keto-friendly, 0.5 g carb per serving

• Diabetic Sweetener, 0GI

 Why is Golden Stevia powder pure?

• GOLDEN Stevia is diabetic sugar. Use your blood sugar testing kit before every meal and blood sugar monitor shows you that golden stevia sugar does not affect blood sugar level, uses less insulin.

• Keto sugar substitute, Helps people to lose weight who have a sweet tooth. 

• Stevia sugar sweetener for low carb baking, keto treats, sweet hamper, sugar-free syrups

• Best stevia baking sweetener for low carb food, low carb snacks keto snacks, keto cake true match with almond flour 1kg coconut flour, vanilla extract, cacao powder, and vanilla essence baking

• GOLDEN Stevia extract is made from stevia plant (stevia rebaudiana) Golden Stevia is natural stevia from organic stevia leaf, gluten-free. Golden Stevia 90% maltodextrin (GMO-free) cornflour and steviol glycosides (E960)

• GOLDEN STEVIA MISSION is replacing sugar with healthy sweetener, pure stevia powder, keto sweetener

Read here:

Annika’s Blog: Golden Stevia- Healthy Sweet Life is 100% possible!

You can buy Golden Stevia Sweetener from,,,,,,

Golden Stevia sweetner powder 1:12


Golden Stevia sweetner 90g/0.2lb = 1kg stevia powder Icing Sugar replacement 1:12 low carb Sugar Substitute for keto diet, diabetic food, weight loss perfect baking powder with almond flour.

Golden Stevia sweetener powder Inulin fiber 1:10


Golden Stevia Sweetner Inulin Powder 500 g = 5 kg Sugar Replacement 1:10 Chicory Root High Fibre, Low Carb for Keto Food, Sugar Free Sweets, Weight Loss, Diabetic Sweets


Golden Stevia pulver zuckerersatz 1:12


Golden Stevia Pulver Süßstoff 90g ersetzen 1kg Zucker, 12-mal süßer xucker light, low carb zuckerersatz Keto Diät, weight loss, diabetiker zucker, backen mit stevia zuckerfreie süssigkeiten

Golden Stevia Pulver Süßstoff mit Inulin 1:10


Golden Stevia Pulver Süßstoff mit Inulin 500g = 5kg Zuckerersatz 1:10 Chicoree-Wurzel ballaststoffe, kohlenhydratarm für keto diät, diabetiker zucker, weight watchers produkte


Golden Stevia Pulver Süßstoff mit Inulin 100 g = 1 kg Zuckerersatz 1:10 Chicoree-Wurzel ballaststoffe, kohlenhydratarm für keto diät, diabetiker zucker, weight watchers produkte

Golden Stevia Edulcorante 1:12


Golden Stevia 100% pure powder 500g = 6kg 1:12 sugar replacement, tastes like natural sugar, low calorie, ketogenic diet, slimming, diabetic, gluten free, vegan, for cooking and baking


Golden Stevia pure sweetener powder 90gr = 1kg sugar replacement 1:12 Stevia powder zero carb ketogenic diet, diabetics, vegans, baking powder

Golden Stevia Edulcorante con inulina 1:10


Golden Stevia sweetener with inulin powder 500g = 5kg sweetening sugar plus 1:10 birch sugar, natural stevia 100 and soluble chicory powder for diabetics, keto diet


Edulcorante Golden Stevia con inulina en polvo 100g = 1kg azucar endulzante mas 1:10 de azucar de abedul, stevia 100 natural y achicoria soluble polvo para diabeticos, dieta keto

Edulcorant Golden Stevia en poudre avec maltodextrine 1:12


Edulcorant Golden Stevia sucre en poudre 500g = 6 Kg Remplacement du sucre 1:12, low calories, dukan, cetogene, sucre diabetique, cuisine et pâtisserie sans sucre, stevia levure chimique

Dolcificante Golden Stevia pura in polvere 1:12
Dolcificante Golden Stevia con Inulina 1:10

Golden Stevia sötningsmedel 1:12


Golden Stevia Sötningsmedel – sockerersättning 1:12, låg kalori 500 G gyllene Stevia = 6 kg socker – mångsidig sockerersättning – keto, diabetiker, paleo, bakning och matlagning vänlig – 500 g


Golden Stevia pulver sockerersättning 90g= 1kg socker,12 gånger söt låg karb sötsak för keto diet, diabetikersocker, weight watchers produkter baka med Stevia

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How to use Golden Stevia sweetener Video is here.

Check our Golden Stevia badges in your favourite site shops, products, restaurants, bakeries, and cafés.

 Golden Stevia website

You can order Golden Stevia Sweetener powder from e-shop and deliver all over Europa


The best taste Golden Stevia Sweetener powder

Feels like icing sugar, taste like sugar

1 kg Golden Stevia = 12 kg of refined sugar
0.5 kg Golden Stevia = 6 kg white sugar
1 g (1/2tsp) Golden Stevia (3.8kcal) = 12 g (3 tsp) sugar (48,8kcal)

Annika Urm Blogs are here:  She has 103 Blogs on @imarbellacom from all over the world


Who is Annika Urm?


Annika Urm is an international businesswoman, celebrity journalist, international blogger, public speaker and influencer, the director of, and her job is to report emotional experiences and facts in the best possible way. Annika is a modern entrepreneur, a business lady of high standards and exquisite taste.


Her mission is sugar-free life and great awareness about sugar consumption consequences as diabetes and obesity. 


Annika’s incredible performance is best described by her numerous followers (more than 200,000.00 each month) 

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